Fisher M Scope Walk Through Metal Detector
About the Fisher M Scope Walk Through Metal Detector:

Fisher M Scope is an extremely portable and collapsible walk through metal detector that can be used indoors or outdoors (except inclement weather). The modular design makes the M-Scope easy to assemble and disassemble in a very short period of time (5-minutes). The Fisher M Scope metal detector features 3 sensor zones with LED lights and 100 levels of adjustable sensitivity. The detector is also battery operated and the battery provides 40 hours of battery life. The battery can be recharged at any time by an AC adapter that comes with the unit.
Fisher M-Scope Walk Through Metal Detector - Portable and Collapsible
by Fisher Labs
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Fisher M Scope
Collapsible Walk Through Metal Detector
Fisher M Scope Walk Through Metal Detector
M Scope Features:

- User Friendly Control Panel with Programmable Memory.
- Digital I/O keypad with security access control (lockout)
- LED bar graph for target strength
- LCD for keypad interaction
- Adjustable volume control
- Memory feature for location specific user settings
- Self test/automatic calibration at turn-on
- Transit counter
- Specialized design allows operator to monitor surrounding areas

- Single Person Portability
- Weights approximately 90lbs.
- Assemble/disassemble in only 5 minutes

- Head to Toe, Zone Specific Detection
- 3 sensor zones with LEDs.
- 100 levels of adjustable sensitivity
- Designed to meet your level of need

Designed for Use in Demanding Environments
- Indoor and Outdoor use (not in inclement weather)
- Battery Operated (includes AC adapter & recharge kit)
- Multiple units may work within close proximity to one another.
- Designed to meet regulatory standards: NILECJ-0601.00

Warranty: 2 yars - parts and labor.

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Fisher Labs M-Scope Metal Detector
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